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Bereavment (Coping with)

We all know that death is inevitable, but when someone we love dies, we are rarely, if ever, prepared for the trauma that follows. But although reactions to death are intense ly personal and varied, it is possible to construct a fram ework to help rebuild a shattered life, a framework outlin ed in Coping with Bereavement. Combining practical advice and empathy born of his own experience, Hamish McIlwraith has produced a unique book for the bereaved and those close to them. He shows how to adapt to life without a loved one, both during the first anguished days and the following months and years. He describes the grieving process, and discusses how to cope with the wide range of emotions bereavement can produce, in addition to covering such practical issues as funeral arrangements and essential bureaucracy. Also presented are strategies to help the bereaved re-e stablish their sense of self-worth, as well as advice on physical and emotional well-being, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This new edition also features a fully updated list of organizations, support groups and websites across the world, and includes a new chapter in which the author reflects on the passage of time, and its effect on the lives of the bereaved.

ISBN: 9781851681532

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