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Beat Back Pain

"Back pain can destroy lives. Often people just learn to live with it, suffering with little more than a few pain killers to get them through each day. Chances are they've tried every supposed remedy going, spent precious time and money on expert advice and yet still find simple tasks like putting away the groceries or getting out of a car an ordeal. As a practising GP, I come across people like this virtually every day. In "Beat Back Pain", I use my years of experience to guide you through a myriad of (often conflicting) advice. I will help you to better understand what triggers your problem and what may alleviate it. I may not be able to cure your bad back, but I can help you live with it more comfortably." Dr Ruth Chambers. What's it about? Back problems make people's lives a misery. "Beat Back Pain" will help sufferers understand their problems and work with real strategies and ideas to help them overcome it. In the book, Dr Chambers reveals: The basic anatomy of the spine...what can go wrong? How to sift through the available pain killers; All you need to know about physiotherapy and surgery; Useful self-manipulation exercises; How to discover what triggers your back pain before it's too late; Useful tips and techniques for lifting; Alternative therapies. With the 52 Brilliant Ideas series readers can enhance their existing skills with negligible investment of time or money and will substantially improve their performance over the course of a year. Each of the 52 chapters tackles a single aspect of the subject in an entertaining and lively way. At the end of each chapter is a "how did it go?" feature which allows readers to reflect on the lesson in a classic experimental learning pattern. The tone of each book is personal and informal; readers will feel as though they are having a one-to-one with their favourite coach.

ISBN: 9781904902140

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