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What's Up with Wendy? Medikidz Explain Epilepsy

Another day, another virtual-football-foe defeated. But when Wendy's videogame victory culminates in a massive tonic-clonic seizure, her friend, opponent and mutual-insult-trader, Andy, is understandably perturbed. All is not well in the mind of Wendy, as Andy readily points out. Luckily the Medikidz, a disparate group of super-powered action-heroes with attitude, are on-hand to help both Wendy and Andy get to grips with what s going on! Pump, Chi, Skinderella, Gastro, Axon and trusty robot Abacus each have their own complementary abilities and characters to ensure that their particular brand of edu-tainment is always banter-driven and never sugar-sweet! Join the duo as the Medikidz take them on a whistle-stop tour of Mediland a distant planet whose geography and inhabitants bear a striking similarity to the intricacies of human anatomy and physiology. Along the way they ll traverse the four great lobes of the brain, come under attack from an army of marauding epileptic neurons, and maybe just maybe decide that one another aren't so bad after all... The Medikidz range of graphic novels explains childhood illness in a way that is imaginative, engaging and easy to understand. Developed by a team of doctors, Medikidz does not try to 'sugarcoat' serious problems. Rather, the information provided empowers children with the knowledge they need to take ownership of their disease, providing them with skills for selfmanagement, while taking away their fear of the unknown.

ISBN: 9781906935009

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