Dandrazol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo - 100Ml

Dandrazol contains the antifungal ingredient Ketoconazole that treats the underlying cause of dandruff and helps restore the scalp back to normal healthy state. By treating dandruff, Dandrazol can help relieve the itching and redness associated with dandruff. BenefitsBecause Dandrazol works effectively, you can keep using your favourite shampoo. Theres no need for a daily treatment shampoo.Antifungal Active ingredient Ketoconazole treats underlying cause of dandruff, restoring scalp back to normal healthy state.Available without prescription.Relieves itching and redness associated with dandruff.Dont have to use every day Use twice weekly for treatment and once every one or two weeks for prevention.Discrete keep it in the medicine cupboard.Dermatologically tested and fragrance free.Suitable for adults and children.What is Dandruff?Dandruff is a common condition that can be unsightly and embarrassing. Dandruff affects the scalp and causes visible flakes of skin to appear.Skin cells are constantly renewing themselves. When skin cells on the scalp are renewed, the old ones are pushed to the surface and come away from the scalp.If you have dandruff, skin renewal occurs twice as fast, so more dead skin is shed, making your dandruff more noticeable. Also, the cells are shed in clumps, which are big enough to be seen with the naked eye as embarrassing flakes, especially when they land on dark clothing. The scalp may also feel slightly itchy.

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