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NICOCIG Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit - NEW & IMPROVED now uses new technology. Instead of having a separate atomiser and cartridge, they have now been fused together to create an even easier to use product, without the worry of needing any replacement parts. Every cartomiser now has its own atomiser built in, keeping it working at its highest efficiency all of the time.NICOCIGElectronic Cigarette Starter Kit - With NICOCIG Electronic Cigarettes ones nicotine craving can be satisfied without the use of lit tobacco, in actual fact without tobacco at all. Now users can enjoy the sensation of smoking without any of the harmful side effects of tar, carbon monoxide and many other detrimental substances.What is an Electronic Cigarette?The revolutionary NICOCIG is a non-flammable electronic device, adopting advanced microelectronic technology to provide smokers with a safer alternative to ordinary cigarettes. The NICOCIG atomizes liquid nicotine when inhaled, giving smokers the nicotine dose that they so frequently crave.The NICOCIG Electronic Cigarette is essentially made up of three parts.A Rechargeable Lithium BatteryA Smart Chip and Operating IndicatorA Replaceable Nicotine CartomiserUpon inhalation, liquid nicotine held in the nicotine cartomiser is drawn into the atomisation chamber. This is powered by the battery, and heats up or atomises the liquid, resulting in the user drawing nicotine vapour into their lungs. The nicotine is therefore delivered to the body through the lungs in much the same way in which an ordinary cigarette delivers it.A harmless vapour is exhaled, which is merely a mixture of water vapour and excess nicotine vapour. Unlike ordinary cigarettes it is odourless and does not linger, yet gives users that real smoking sensation. There is no risk of passive smoking through using NICOCIG Electronic Cigarettes.When users inhale, the operating indicator at the end of the NICOCIG lights up, very similar to an ordinary cigarette. The smart chip ensures that users do not inhale too much nicotine at once, by in-built safety limits, and informs the user when the battery needs to be charged, by causing the operating indicator to flash.What do I get in The Electronic Cigarette Kit?A starter kit containsNICOCIGElectronic cigaretteAspare batteryA USB charger and 3 Pin socket adaptorA carry caseAbox of NICOCIG cartridgesThe box contains 4 cartridges each equivalent to about 20 ordinary cigarettes. The initial box will contain various strength cartridges (High, Medium, Low and Zero), so that you can decide on the strength that best suits your needs.This is a one off purchase, and only replacement cartomisers need to be brought after this.E Cigarette BenefitsNICOCIG E Cigarette contain no tobacco, tar or any of the 4000 chemicals found in an ordinary cigarette, yet deliver nicotine to the body in exactly the same way.NICOCIG Electronic Cigarettes are completely legal to smoke in public places, as they neither burns nor contains tobacco and is completely non-flammable.NICOCIG Electronic Cigarettes are up to 75% cheaper than smoking the real thing.What is a cartomiser?NICOCIG cartomisers screw onto the end of your device, and contain liquid nicotine. They are available in a variety of different nicotine strengths, (high 16mg, medium 11mg, low 6mg and zero 0mg).What is the smoke that is released?The smoke that is released is merely an odourless harmless condensation, and does not linger like the smoke produced by an ordinary cigarette. There is no risk of passive smoking when using NICOCIG.Why is NICOCIG a safer alternative?Tobacco is the substance within cigarettes that is responsible for many of the illnesses and deaths caused by smoking. NICOCIG offers users the chance to still satisfy their nicotine craving without the use of lit tobacco, in fact without tobacco at all.There are over 4000 chemicals in every ordinary cigarette, around 25 of which are carcinogenic. None of these are present when smoking NICOCIG.Does it taste the same as an ordinary cigarette?NICOCIG tobacco flavoured cartomisers have been carefully developed to match the taste of a real cigarette. Thus providing real smoking satisfaction.Can I smoke my NICOCIG anywhere?As tobacco is neither present nor lit when using NICOCIG it can be used in public places where the use of ordinary cigarettes is currently prohibited. The vapour that is exhaled is odourless and does not cause irritation to those nearby. This means it can be used in restaurants, bars, casinos and in the office, however please note the use of NICOCIG is always down to the managers discretion.

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