Pripsen Piperazine Phosphate Powder Sachets - 2 Single Dose Sachets

Pripsen Piperazine Phosphate Powder Sachets are suitable for younger children, and can be given to children from 3 months of age. Pripsen is a raspberry-flavoured powder enclosed in a sachet, sweetened with saccharin and is sugar free. It is ideal mixed with water or milk. Forty percent of children under ten will have threadworms at some time in their lives, and sometimes adults are affected too, yet it remains a taboo subject. Threadworms, also known as pinworms, can easily go undetected because the signs are difficult to see. Its now time for threadworms to come out of the closet and receive the attention they deserve!The first dose of Pripsen treats the adult threadworms - but some eggs may be left behind. The key to treatment is to break the threadworm life cycle. The first dose kills the adult worms in the 14-day period between doses. The second dose, taken 14 days later, treats the young worms that have hatched from these eggs, before they are old enough to have laid any eggs themselves, breaking the life cycle of the threadworm.Female threadworms come out of the bottom at night and lay eggs - so if you see tiny white threads round your childs bottom when theyre asleep, its a sure sign.Another clue is scratching because of an itchy bottom - this irritation can be quite severe and can cause bedwetting.If repeated scratching breaks the skin, an emollient ointment will soothe the area and help to prevent infection.When girls get threadworm, it can irritate the vaginal area and cause cystitis or discharge - consult your doctor or pharmacist for a suitable treatment.In many cases, threadworms produce no symptoms at all-the only sign is white threadlike shapes in the stools.Remember, the whole family must be treated at the same time to prevent cross-infection.

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