Regaine For Women - 6 Months Supply (Contains Minoxidil ) - 60ml x 6

Regaine For Women Regular Strength contains a 2% concentration of the active ingredient Minoxidil, the only FDA approved active ingredient for female hair thinning. It has been proven safe and effective in extensive clinical trials and through years of consumer experience. Over one million women have used Regaine for Women to keep the hair they have, or re-grow the hair they have lost. With Regaine for Women, hair becomes fuller, thicker and easier to style. In clinical studies, dermatologists reported that almost 2 out of 3 women who used Regaine for Women were re-growing hair at 8 months. In a user survey, 4 in 5 women reported a slowing or stopping of hair loss.Regaine for Women works best when incorporated into your beauty regimen at the first signs of thinning. Just as you may use other products to prolong your youthful looks, Regaine for Women can be used to maintain your hair, while making it thicker and fuller, and keeping it beautiful. It wont weigh your hair down or interfere with your hair style. Its just another part of your total anti-aging system. Regaine for Women works with your natural hair growth cycle. Normal hair experiences three cycles a growth phase, a transition phase, and a resting phase. Sometime during the resting phase, the hair will fall out, or shed, to prepare for a new hair to grow. Then the hair follicle begins the growth phase once again.For those hair follicles that are genetically predetermined to hereditary hair thinning, the hair follicles get smaller and smaller, which reduces the amount of time the hair follicles spend in the growth phase. This process is called miniaturization. Regaine for Women reverses the hair thinning process and lengthens the growth phase by revitalizing the hair follicle.Regaine for Women is SafeRegaine For Women has undergone extensive clinical testing and has been proven safe for women to use. In fact, Regaine for Women contains the only active ingredient that is clinically proven and FDA-approved for hair re-growth for women. There can be minor side effects - itching and irritation of the scalp - but they only affect a minority of users.

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